Success Stories

I went to see Mary at the suggestion of my Dr. for pain in my hip. It was so excruciating I thought I might have broken it somehow. After a quick assessment and 1 treatment, my pain is still GONE 2 months later! I am still in awe and tell everyone how amazing it is. I highly recommend seeing Mary and giving it a try.

Riley W.


Thank you so much Mary! It was amazing how peaceful, at ease, and relaxed I felt, during the aqua cranio therapy and for several days after. The usual tension in my shoulders just melted away. I felt your healing touch, was on a whole other level that is most often overlooked in physical and emotional healing. I look forward to another wonderful treatment with you.

Anne D.

St. Petersburg

After meeting Mary and talking with her, I decided to bring in my 5 year old to see her. She was very good with him. Her non-invasive approach set him at ease pretty quickly. There was a marked calming in him after the first session and he asked to come back afterwards! During one of the sessions, she asked him what it felt like and he said, “chocolate.” We love chocolate, so it must be good! Over the course of a few months we continued to see Mary regularly and I noticed more changes in him. His stimming is less often now, he doesn’t become overwhelmed as easily and has gotten over a lot of his food aversions! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gift with my family.

Jennifer S.


Three years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. While I do have a tremor on one side of my body, it was my pain and stiffness that brought me in to see Mary. I was taking Ibuprofen when needed and found myself having a hard time staying active because of the discomfort.

I have been for 5 sessions and have had a significant decrease in my overall pain and stiffness. After the third session I began sleeping better! I can’t wait to see how I will continue to improve with more treatment.

I LOVE being able to move more easily and without all the pain so that I can continue to enjoy my hobbies!

Mary is a very skilled Craniosacral therapist and has helped me get my life back to being more enjoyable.

Mim Craig


Our 9 year old son was diagnosed with ADD and struggling in school. He just couldn’t keep still, even when sleeping. Mary was great with just letting him move around and do his thing. Within about 10 minutes of starting the session, he went perfectly still and actually FELL ASLEEP! We let him sleep for about 45 minutes. When he woke up, he calmly looked around and went out into the waiting room and sat calmly paging through a book! That weekend he actually sat with the family and watched T.V. I couldn’t believe it! We saw Mary weekly for a few months, at J’s request, and are now in a more maintenance pattern of monthly. Mary’s dedication to helping and her knowledge of how the body works continues to be a blessing to us.

Amanda and Robert


I met Mary at the local pool and she was excited to introduce me to Craniosacral Therapy in the water! I had never experienced Cranio before, but I must say, it was THE most exquisite thing I have ever felt! I followed up with Mary at the office and had 3 more sessions to address the pain in my neck from an accident I was in years ago. I am in awe that a month later, I am STILL pain free! Mary’s knowledge and compassion combine to make an experience you won’t ever forget. I tell everyone I meet about her and her magnificent hands!



When I came to see Mary, I was struggling with major depression, binge drinking, and overall, extremely negative thinking in every aspect of my life. The very first session I could feel a huge difference, but the benefits just intensified the more I went.

After my intensive Cranio sessions, I am calmer and I am able to make an effort to adjust my thinking. I feel that I am more self-aware because of Craniosacral therapy and the self-care techniques Mary shared with me. I catch myself replaying an “old tape” in my mind that is leading to self-destructive behavior but catch it early now, and I quickly reassess the situation in a healthier light.

This has helped motivate me to improve my overall physical health as well. I’ve started going to a gym daily, as well as practicing yoga. I had never set FOOT in a gym until after my experience with Cranio.
The difference it has made in my life is incredible. I feel free. I feel lighter. I feel wonderful!

For me, I realized that in some ways I took comfort in reveling in the familiar negative feelings and hurt. Long ago, I had created memories that “stuck” in my body and a defense mechanism was put in place. Craniosacral therapy has helped me get in touch with this and let it go. It allowed me a safe, nurturing place to rewrite my emotional responses and become a more centered, self-aware, grounded person.

I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me, Mary!