I don’t know about you, but everyone’s “to do” list seems to be getting longer, turnaround times seem to be getting shorter and the pressure of everyday life is getting heavier and heavier. Stress is an inevitable thing, but what happens when we lose our ability to cope with it as well? Get stress relief in Clearwater, FL today!

Our bodies are designed with an alarm switch that helps us survive dangerous situations without even thinking about them. Many refer to it as the “fight, flight or freeze” mode. When faced with a hungry tiger, this system switches into overdrive and we are ready for action – thank goodness! When there is no longer a threat, our nervous system goes back into the “rest and digest” mode where it’s main focus is growing, healing and thriving.

What most people don’t realize is our bodies respond to driving in traffic and our cell phone going off in the same way. Numerous times a day our bodies sound the alarm and we are ready for action, even when the only action needed is answering our phone and saying “hello.” Sometimes we get stuck in this fight or flight mode and our stress becomes distress. This is when our bodies do not have enough time in the “rest and digest” mode to keep up with being healthy and we begin to suffer fatigue, brain fog, headaches, stomach problems, anxiety… the list goes on.

Stress Relief in Clearwater, FL

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch, hands-on therapy that is deeply relaxing because it works directly with the nervous system calming it down and coaxing it into the “rest and digest” state. With regular Craniosacral Therapy, you have more energy, your focus comes back, headaches and pain diminish and if stress does come your way, you are better able to deal with it effortlessly because your body has a reserve from spending more time in the “rest and digest” state where it’s focused on its important work of healing and keeping you healthy.