Have you been keeping up with all the latest research coming out about the brain and post-concussive syndrome? Incredible insights are being made and that information is saving lives – literally! With new treatment ideas comes renewed hope!

One of the most innovative treatments for anyone that has taken an impact to the head is Craniosacral Therapy. This highly specialized, light-touch therapy gets right to the source of the issue by releasing tensions in and around the brain as well as balancing the fluid that bathes it.

Probably one of the most startling things to come out of the research is that a person does not have to suffer an official concussion or lose consciousness to suffer symptoms later in life! It appears that all the bumps to our noggins add up and quietly take their toll until one day you are having sleep disturbances, irritability and mood changes, memory problems, your razor-sharp focus has eroded into bouts of chaotic disorientation and confusion or persistent brain fog. Maybe you are even suffering regular headaches or have other physical pain. Many times, this lower quality of life leaves people bewildered because the symptoms are happening years after the trauma.

But to a Craniosacral Therapist, it makes perfect sense. I love to explain it this way to my clients. Your brain has the consistency of jello and the nerves that your brain uses to communicate are like delicate spider webs making up an intricate web. When you experience an impact your brain gets moved around inside the protective casing of the skull. Those spider web like nerves can get twisted, stretched and torn cutting off communication.

Our bodies are beautifully designed to protect us from this sort of thing, but if a force is great enough the body just can’t handle it and injury occurs. What surprises most people is when they experience symptoms of a head injury but have not hit their head. This happens many times with car or bike accidents. The body stops moving because of the seatbelt etc, but the soft tissue of the brain keeps moving until the inside of the skull stops it. It explains why you can have a serious head injury even though you were wearing a helmet. The helmet only protects against fracturing of the skull itself.

Phew! Lots to think about!

The good news is, Craniosacral Therapy can help restore the fluid flow in and around the brain so that the body can heal and begin to function optimally again. When this occurs, sleep improves, brain fog and disorientation lift, moods stabilize, pain disappears and you lower your future risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia later in life.
The best plan of action is a proactive one. Even if symptoms are not present, adding Craniosacral Therapy to your healthcare routine ensures you a better quality of life now and in the future.