Mary Quintero LMT, CST

License # MM33384 / MA78128

Remember what it was like on Christmas morning when you were 5 or 6 and there was this gift under the tree and you couldn’t quite figure out what it was from the size and shape of the package and when you opened it, it was THE most spectacular thing you could have asked for?

THAT is what doing Craniosacral Therapy feels like for me. And when a client that has been in pain for years no longer needs any pain meds or is able to return to the activities they love -that complete and utter joy sprinkled with a good helping of excitement and awe becomes contagious!

I guess you could say that I was born for bodywork. Seriously, you know those people who just know where to put their hand when you say your back hurts? Yep, me.

That gift made me a well sought after massage therapist for many years. And then I discovered Craniosacral Therapy and well the rest is history!

My life changed in such a profound way. My Craniosacral healing journey began when “Cranio” helped me overcome my neck injuries after a car accident when nothing was helping – not even massage. It blew my mind! In 1 session I was able to move my neck again and after a couple more I was pain free!

Years later, after I had begun my journey to become certified in Craniosacral Therapy, I noticed the symptoms I had experienced for years after a head injury were disappearing! I couldn’t help but be hooked for life!

It tickles me that I get to call this my “job.” Teaching people about how their body works, showing them self-care techniques, and sharing in their progress is . . . . well, I honestly cannot picture myself doing anything else.

It’s like the cherry on top of my favorite milkshake – so good!

My favorite part of being a Craniosacral Therapist is seeing people get themselves and their lives back – it’s PRICELESS!